[svnbook] r4292 committed - Change to README (in the repository root directory)...

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Sun Sep 2 09:34:20 CDT 2012

Revision: 4292
Author:   richardcavell at mail.com
Date:     Sun Sep  2 07:34:09 2012
Log:      Change to README (in the repository root directory)

"Version Control With Subversion" -> "Version Control with Subversion"

The Subversion book title, on the very first page, is spelled with a  
lowercase 'W'.  It is conventional that certain common words be lowercase  
in book titles.



--- /README	Thu Aug 11 10:37:34 2011
+++ /README	Sun Sep  2 07:34:09 2012
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
  This is the source code repository for "the Subversion book", also
-known as "Version Control With Subversion".  This repository is
+known as "Version Control with Subversion".  This repository is
  organized like so:


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