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C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Thu May 31 12:43:36 CDT 2012

So it sounds like the stylesheets for the epub output format could stand to
be massaged.  If Calibre's viewer is a fair comparison against the way
things typically look in other device readers, I can use that as my guide.

Anybody know a good free Android ebook reader that can load files from the
phone's SD card which I can use for sanity-checking small-size display?

On 05/31/2012 12:10 PM, Jens Seidel wrote:
> 2012/5/31 C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato at>:
>> I've attached an epub cut from the latest version of the Subversion 1.7
>> version of the book.  You (and others reading this) can have this at no
>> charge.  I only ask that you let me know if it works in your Kindle reader
>> (and if you had to do anything special to make it do so).
>> If you confirm that the file works as expected -- I've never tried it myself
>> -- I'll consider adding that file format to the list of ones we generate
>> nightly and post online (which would of course be available for folks to
>> download for free).
> It works, but it is displayed not optimal. I have a Sony reader which
> supports epub natively and get a very large margin on the left and
> right side where I expect nothing. So only 30% of the readers width is
> used.
> In some boxes there is a linebreak after every second word.
> The content and the picture display nevertheless well. You can test
> yourself with software such as calibre (cross platform, free).
> Jens
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