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Thanks for the info!!

Can I purchase any epub, PDF, etc  for you current book from you now?   I prefer electronic copies of books, because I have hundreds I have to reference, and that is why Kindle is so cool!!!  You can have 4,000 books on it.

If you have an epub, or PDF file  of the most current book I will buy the file from you. -)

Many Thanks,


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I've actually been thinking about this quite a bit lately, even to the point of exploring what it would take for this community to self-publish Kindle versions of the text on Amazon (for free, of course).  Our build system already supports generating .epub files, but my personal knowledge of the e-book formats (apparently there are many?) and about the Kindle publishing process is next-to-nothing.

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Are you going to have your most current Subversion book for Kindle.  I tried to buy a Kindle edition of you current book but it re-directs me to the 2009 book.




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