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+         <para>Using the <literal>SVNIndexXSLT</literal> directive and
+            a creative XSLT stylesheet, you can make your directory
+            listings match the color schemes and imagery used in other
+            parts of your web site.  Or, if you'd prefer, you can use
+            the sample stylesheets provided in the Subversion source
+            distribution's <filename>tools/xslt/</filename> directory.
+            Keep in mind that the path provided to the
+            <literal>SVNIndexXSLT</literal> directory is actually a URL
+            path—browsers need to be able to read your
+            stylesheets to make use of them!</para>
           <para>Wenn Sie die Direktive <literal>SVNIndexXSLT</literal>
             zusammen mit einem gestalterischen XSLT-Stylesheet
             verwenden, können Sie die Verzeichnisinhalte an das

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