svnversion documentation bug in the redbook

Markus Schaber m.schaber at
Fri Jan 20 09:18:17 CST 2012

Hi, states:

> If invoked on a directory that is not a working copy, svnversion 
> assumes it is an exported working copy and prints "exported":
> $ svnversion
> exported

However, calling svnversion.exe 1.7.2 (r1207936), installed by the TortoiseSVN 64 Bit installer, outputs the message "Unversioned directory":

> D:\>svnversion
> Unversioned directory

I did not test with older svn versions, as I have no older version available here right now, but this may be either a documentation bug or inaccuracy, or it also might be an incompatible change which is likely to break some scripts relying on the documented behaviour.

On the subversion users list, I was asked to send this issue to svnbook at

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