error found; cannot report

Daniel Shahaf d.s at
Mon Jan 9 19:20:30 CST 2012

On Mon, Jan 9, 2012, at 12:20, ppedersen at wrote:
> I have found what appears to be an error in the documentation. However, it 
> appears that I cannot file a erratum report without having a gmail 
> account. I don't want one of those; I just want to help fix this error. If 
> you could forward this to the documentation people, 

Added them to the CC list :-)

But, that said, without looking at the page, I think 0xC3 0xB1 is
fine --- that's the UTF-8 byte sequence for 'ñ'.  0xF1 would not be
valid UTF-8.

Thanks for the report,


> that would be fine. 
> Thank you.
> On this page:
> españa is translated to espa%C3%B1a 
> I think it should be espa%F1a instead.

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