Issue 175 in svnbook: Confusing explanation of vendor branch mgmt.

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Tue Aug 21 04:11:02 CDT 2012

Comment #2 on issue 175 by s.v.h.ha... at Confusing explanation of  
vendor branch mgmt.

This should perhaps be a separate issue, but it's closely related to the  
above so I enter it here:

I'd like to point out that a simple, useful trick for adding (lots of)  
unversioned files in
new versions is:

svn add current/*           [ignore warnings of already-managed files - no  
harm done]
svn add current/*/*
svn add current/*/*/*

Etc. until no files/dirs are found by the globbing. Done!

The other way around - to find deleted files, use:

diff -r 1.0 current  |  grep -E "^Only"

I.e.: recursive diff from version 1.0 to current, which will report missing  
Issue "svn rm" commands for each one. Done!

(I'm a bit weary of the script - with the above stuff I  
know exactly what's going on!)

Stein Haugan

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