[svnbook] r4064 committed - Finish issue #146 ("1.7 change: Permanent HTTP redirects are...

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Tue Sep 6 13:58:55 CDT 2011

Revision: 4064
Author:   cmpilato at gmail.com
Date:     Tue Sep  6 11:58:33 2011
Log:      Finish issue #146 ("1.7 change: Permanent HTTP redirects are
automatically followed.").

* en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml
   Add a note about using permanent redirects to give clients a clue
   about a repository's new location, and point out that 1.7 clients
   will automatically relocate working copies when they see such



--- /trunk/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml	Wed Aug 24 13:29:44 2011
+++ /trunk/en/book/ch04-branching-and-merging.xml	Tue Sep  6 11:58:33 2011
@@ -2455,6 +2455,20 @@
        See <xref linkend="svn.ref.svn.c.relocate"/> for more information
        and an example.</para></footnote></para>

+    <tip>
+      <para>Administrators who need to change the URL of a repository
+        which is accessed via HTTP are encouraged to add to
+        their <filename>httpd.conf</filename> configuration file a
+        permanent redirect from the old URL location to the new one
+        (via the <literal>RedirectPermanent</literal> directive).
+        Subversion clients will generally display the new repository
+        URL in error messages generated when the user attempts to use
+        working copies which still reflect the old URL location.  In
+        fact, Subversion 1.7 clients will go a step further,
+        automatically relocating the working copy to the new
+        URL.</para>
+    </tip>
        <title>Switches and Updates</title>

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