[PATCH] byte range

Richard Cavell richardcavell at mail.com
Wed Oct 5 22:54:44 CDT 2011

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Index: ch03-advanced-topics.xml
--- ch03-advanced-topics.xml	(revision 4106)
+++ ch03-advanced-topics.xml	(working copy)
@@ -1364,7 +1364,7 @@
         <para>UTF-16 is commonly used to encode files whose semantic
           content is textual in nature, but the encoding itself makes
           heavy use of bytes which our outside the typical ASCII
-          character byte range.  As such, Subversion will tend to
+          character range.  As such, Subversion will tend to
           classify such files as binary files, much to the chagrin of
           users who desire line-based differencing and merging,
           keyword substitution, and other behaviors for those

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