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        (It is upon the Trunk that a gentleman works.)</quote></para>

-  <para>Branching, tagging, and merging are concepts common to
-    almost all version control systems.  If you're not familiar with
-    these ideas, we provide a good introduction in this chapter.  If
-    you are familiar, hopefully you'll find it interesting to
-    see how Subversion implements them.</para>
-  <para>Branching is a fundamental part of version control.  If
-    you're going to allow Subversion to manage your data, this
-    is a feature you'll eventually come to depend on.  This chapter
-    assumes that you're already familiar with Subversion's basic
-    concepts (<xref linkend="svn.basic"/>).</para>
+  <para>Branching and merging are fundamental aspects of version
+    control, simple enough to explain conceptually but offering just
+    enough complexity and nuance to merit their own chapter in this
+    book.  Herein, we'll introduce you to the general ideas behind
+    these operations as well as Subversion's somewhat unique approach
+    to them.  If you've not familiarized yourself with Subversion's
+    basic concepts (found in <xref linkend="svn.basic"/>), we
+    recommmend that you do so before reading this chapter.</para>

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