Issue 114 in svnbook: Consider re-adding pre-merge-tracking examples

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Mon Mar 28 09:51:46 CDT 2011

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New issue 114 by cmpil... at Consider re-adding pre-merge-tracking  

User Chris Jonck <chris.johnk at> notes the following in mail sent  
to svnbook-dev@:

In the svn 1.4 version of the book, the documentation of the merge
command includes an example of merging trunk changes into a branch to
keep the branch current with mainline development:

svn merge -r 23:30 file:///tmp/repos/trunk/vendors

This is an incredibly useful example, as it clarifies that when doing
this sort of merge, you want to specify the range of revisions on
trunk whose changes you wish to merge.

After some questioning, it was revealed that Chris' repository's trunk  
had "a long, complicated revision history before the branch was even  
created."  While merge tracking should have alleviated Chris' need for this  
sort of explicit-revision-range merge, 'svn merge' without a revision range  
was, for some reason, trying to merge revisions from way too far back in  
history -- pre-branch-creation.

I suspect that there is some good explanation for the problems Chris saw  
that is related to that complicated history he refers too.  But regardless,  
there is some value to the idea that we might wish the book to explicitly  
state the pre-merge-tracking way of doing these merges, if only because  
sometimes reality isn't as pretty as theory.

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