[svnbook] r3835 committed - * book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml: wording fix...

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Thu Jun 23 07:40:20 CDT 2011

I'm okay with this change, but please don't launch a personal war against
the playful nature of the authors' authorial voice.

If there's one compliment that the book has received above all others
(besides merely being solid technically) it's that it is enjoyable to read,
which is not altogether common among technical books.  Part of that comes
from turns of phrase such as the one this change destroys.  Part of it is
the leisurely pace that Richard has already bemoaned.  Those things are, as
far as I'm concerned, as important as the technical details themselves.  If
you prefer a shorter, dry-er read, this might just not be the book for you.

On 06/22/2011 04:57 PM, svnbook at googlecode.com wrote:
> Revision: 3835
> Author:   stsp at elego.de
> Date:     Wed Jun 22 13:56:52 2011
> Log:      * book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml: wording fix
> Suggested by: danielsh
> Patch by: Richard Cavell <richardcavell at mail.com>
> http://code.google.com/p/svnbook/source/detail?r=3835
> Modified:
>  /trunk/src/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml
> =======================================
> --- /trunk/src/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml    Wed Jun 22 01:38:15 2011
> +++ /trunk/src/en/book/ch03-advanced-topics.xml    Wed Jun 22 13:56:52 2011
> @@ -1521,7 +1521,7 @@
>        lists—to determine which files should not be swept into
>        the version control system as part of a larger recursive
>        addition or import operation.  And here again, you can use the
> -      <option>--no-ignore</option> option to tell Subversion to ignore
> +      <option>--no-ignore</option> option to tell Subversion to disregard
>        its ignores list and operate on all the files and directories
>        present.</para>
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