[Patch] Little Typo

Mathias Weinert wein at mccw.de
Thu Jun 30 06:56:37 CDT 2011

Just a little typo.


Index: ch03-advanced-topics.xml
--- ch03-advanced-topics.xml    (revision 3861)
+++ ch03-advanced-topics.xml    (working copy)
@@ -7577,7 +7577,7 @@
            and under <filename>/path/to/dir</filename> that are
            assigned that changelist name will be considered as targets
            of the commit—the commit will not include files
-          located elsewhere (such is in
+          located elsewhere (such as in
            <filename>/path/to/another-dir</filename>), regardless of
            their changelist assignment, even if they are part of the
            same working copy as the operation's target(s).</para>

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