Issue 131 in svnbook: --trust-server-cert analogue for hostname mistmatch

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Thu Jun 30 11:06:02 CDT 2011

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Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium

New issue 131 by pipping.... at --trust-server-cert analogue  
for hostname mistmatch


some hosts will prompt subversion to complain:

  - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the
    fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!

This can be surpressed by calling svn with --trust-server-cert (which  
requires --non-interactive). There is also another thing subversion might  
complain about, though:

   - The certificate hostname does not match.

To my knowledge, there is no flag that makes subversion ignore this problem  
and continue. If this is true, as a consequence, repositories that yield  
such problems cannot be accessed by a non-interactive subversion client!  
(there are horrible workarounds which call `echo t` or `echo p` and pipe  
that to an interactive subversion client of course).

Maybe you can shed some light on the matter. :)

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