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Op zondag 23 jan 2011 06:56 CET schreef C. Michael Pilato:

>> The INSTALL files talks about ./configure and make, but before that
>> you need to do:
>> ./
> is only required when building from a checkout of Subversion.
> It's not required when building a Subversion release source tarball.  But in
> either case, Subversion's INSTALL file does mention (see section
> II.B, "Building the Latest Source under Unix").  So... I'm not sure what
> your concern is.

That is true. But in section A there is only written:
      For those of you who still wish to build from source, Subversion
      follows the Unix convention of "./configure && make", but it has
      a number of dependencies.

If you then only do a quick check for the dependencies, you will be
caught by surprise. When you already build a few times like this, you
do not expect this to happen. It is a minor, but could be easily
amended. I found it by looking what is in the directory, not by
rereading the INSTALL file.

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