[svnbook] r3977 committed - This is a major directory reorganization commit....

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Wed Aug 10 09:57:25 CDT 2011

Revision: 3977
Author:   cmpilato
Date:     Wed Aug 10 07:55:55 2011
Log:      This is a major directory reorganization commit.

First, we add some new containers for various non-latest versions of
the book:

* branches/1.0,
* branches/1.1,
* branches/1.2,
* branches/1.4,
* branches/1.5
   New directories.

Then we put a copy of the tools into each of those containers:

* branches/1.0/tools
   Copied from trunk/src/tools.

* branches/1.1/tools
   Copied from trunk/src/tools.

* branches/1.2/tools
   Copied from trunk/src/tools.

* branches/1.4/tools
   Copied from trunk/src/tools.

* branches/1.5/tools
   Copied from trunk/src/tools.

Then we move translations into the correct version slot:

* branches/1.0/es
   Moved from trunk/src/es.

* branches/1.2/it
   Moved from trunk/src/it.

* branches/1.4/nb
   Moved from trunk/src/nb.

* branches/1.4/ru
   Moved from trunk/src/ru.

* branches/1.5/de
   Moved from trunk/src/de.

* branches/1.5/fr
   Moved from trunk/src/fr.

* branches/1.6/zh
   Moved from trunk/src/zh.

Finally we remove the now-unnecessary 'trunk/src' directory, moving
its contents up a directory level:

* trunk/en
   Moved from trunk/src/en.

* trunk/tools
   Moved from trunk/src/tools.

* trunk/src



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