Issue 87 in svnbook: mention 'htdigest' tool when mentioning digest auth

svnbook at svnbook at
Tue Apr 12 19:57:39 CDT 2011

Comment #7 on issue 87 by cmpil... at mention 'htdigest' tool when  
mentioning digest auth

Sorry for the delay.  I'm trying to focus on getting Subversion 1.7 out the  
door these days, so haven't been paying much attention to the book.  Thanks  
for the patch -- that will help alot.

In the future, I would suggest limiting individual patches to a single  
logical change (and I think you'll find this recommendation to be fairly  
universal in open-source projects).   So, you'd have a patch to improve the  
Digest section.  Another to improve the SSL section.  And then maybe just a  
verbal suggestion to move the new SSL section wholesale to below the  
Authorization bit.

But please don't feel compelled to re-submit in that fashion now.

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