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C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Tue Apr 5 07:45:30 CDT 2011

On 04/02/2011 01:19 PM, Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan wrote:
> Hi there, and thanks for a a nice book about a nice tool!
> It seems the "exclude" argument to --set-depth is not mentioned anywhere
> in the draft svn-book for v. 1.6 - at least in r3822.
> I knew an option like that must be present, b/c my SmartSVN client is able
> to do that operation, but the only way I found out how to do it from the
> command line was with "svn help update"...

Thanks for pointing this out.  The 1.6 book is not quite complete at the
moment, so there are a number of glaring omissions such as this one.  As it
turns out, we're tracking this particular omission already at

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