FW: red book nightly

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Thu Sep 23 22:55:26 CDT 2010

On 09/23/2010 12:59 PM, Bob Archer wrote:
> Does the nightly book contain changes for 1.7?  If so, is there anyway
> possible to branch the book at the point before 1.7 stuff had been added
> to it and changing the red-book page so rather than having the 1.5
> version and the nightly it has the 1.6 version and the nightly.
> BTW: I will be happy to help make this happen if needed.
> (please reply-all cause I am not subscribed to this list)

I've been trying to keep the trunk focused on Subversion 1.6.  1.7 hasn't
shipped yet, and a) it's never fun to document a moving target, plus b)
merging documentation changes in this format can be a royal pain.

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