Issue 93 in svnbook: Merges and Moves has error

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Mon Sep 6 16:36:19 CDT 2010

Comment #1 on issue 93 by lucasrangit: Merges and Moves has error

I agree with the reporter; the sentence should read "The net effect is that  
merging your “rename” to the trunk has removed Sally's recent changes from  
the latest revision!"

However, I find confusion to be caused by the fact that this section does  
not follow the SVN Book's best practice of merging all trunk changes before  
reintegrating the branch. If this example recommended that the developer  
first merge with the latest trunk before merge reintegrating with the trunk  
the merge of the trunk rHEAD into the branch would have changed a deleted  
file and generated a conflict or some other signal to the branch developer  
that care is needed to prevent data loss.

Therefore, I recommend that this example be rewritten to perform the  
recommended updating of the branch with the latest trunk changes so that  
the issue caused by the rename can be handled in the branch and thus appear  
less like a surprise or a failure of Subversion.

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