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Mon Sep 13 13:29:29 CDT 2010

Revision: 3779
Author: cmpilato at gmail.com
Date: Mon Sep 13 11:27:21 2010
Log: * src/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml
   For issue 9, demonstrate the possibility that the Subversion
   mod_dav_svn module won't necessarily live in Apache's modules/



--- /trunk/src/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	Sun May  2 04:35:02  
+++ /trunk/src/en/book/ch06-server-configuration.xml	Mon Sep 13 11:27:21  
@@ -1518,17 +1518,30 @@
          mapping a named module to the location of a shared library on

-        <screen>
+      <screen>
  LoadModule dav_svn_module     modules/mod_dav_svn.so

+      <para>Apache interprets the <literal>LoadModule</literal>
+        configuration item's library path as relative to its own
+        server root.  If configured as previously shown, Apache will
+        look for the Subversion DAV module shared library in its
+        own <filename>modules/</filename> subdirectory.  Depending on
+        how Subversion was installed on your system, you might need to
+        specify a different path for this library altogether, perhaps
+        even an absolute path such as in the following example:</para>
+      <screen>
+LoadModule dav_svn_module     C:/Subversion/lib/mod_dav_svn.so
        <para>Note that if <command>mod_dav</command> was compiled as a
          shared object (instead of statically linked directly to the
          <command>httpd</command> binary), you'll need a similar
          <literal>LoadModule</literal> statement for it, too.  Be sure
          that it comes before the <command>mod_dav_svn</command>  

-        <screen>
+      <screen>
  LoadModule dav_module         modules/mod_dav.so
  LoadModule dav_svn_module     modules/mod_dav_svn.so

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