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@@ -277,9 +277,7 @@
            use a <firstterm>copy-modify-merge</firstterm> model as an
            alternative to locking.  In this model, each user's client
            contacts the project repository and creates a personal
-          <firstterm>working copy</firstterm>—a local reflection
-          of the repository's files and directories, managed by the
-          version control system.  Users then work simultaneously and
+          working copy.  Users then work simultaneously and
            independently, modifying their private copies.  Finally, the
            private copies are merged together into a new, final
            version.  The version control system often assists with the
@@ -314,6 +312,10 @@
            <graphic fileref="images/ch02dia5.png"/>

+        <indexterm>
+          <primary>conflicts</primary>
+        </indexterm>
          <para>But what if Sally's changes <emphasis>do</emphasis> overlap
            with Harry's changes?  What then?  This situation is called a
            <firstterm>conflict</firstterm>, and it's usually not much

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