Issue 102 in svnbook: svnserve as a windows service under cygwin

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Mon Oct 18 09:29:47 CDT 2010

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New issue 102 by spamboun... at svnserve as a windows service under  

When trying to start the cygwin version of svnserve as a windows service as  
described in this book, I got the apparently ubiquitous timeout error 1053.  
After much googling and MSDN reading, I finally realised that it was not a  
windows service problem, but rather because windows service support isn't  
built into the cygwin version of svnserve. I found out by typing svnserve  
--help, which didn't list the --service option.

The obvious workaround of course is to use a different build of svnserve  
which supports running as service. The not so obvious solution is to use  
cygrunsrv to start the service, eg:

  % cygrunsrv --install svnserve \
      --path /usr/bin/svnserve \
      --args '-d --foreground -r /c/temp/svn-test' \
      --dep Tcpip
      --user someuser

I got this solution on the cygwin forum, please read the rationale and more  
explanation here:

I realise this is not a SVN problem as such, yet it might save a couple of  
people a couple of hours to include this hint in the SVN book.

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