Issue 100 in svnbook: Missing documentation about arguments passed to 'pre-lock' hook

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Thu Oct 14 09:44:52 CDT 2010

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New issue 100 by cirdropbox: Missing documentation about arguments passed  
to 'pre-lock' hook

Current documentation about the 'pre-lock' hook specify these three input  

"The command-line arguments passed to the hook program, in order, are:
* Repository path
* Versioned path that is to be locked
* Authenticated username of the person attempting the lock"

Though in actuallity there are 5, the fourth parameter denotes the lock  
comment and the fifth denotes whether or not the lock has been stolen.
This could be useful and since it appears in the 'pre-lock.tmpl' generated  
'svnadmin create' it should appear in the docs, I myself had to scout the  
SVN source code to find this out.

I guess other hooks might suffer the same neglect but this is what I have  

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