Issue 83 in svnbook: fr-current Title missing

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Thu Jun 10 07:43:26 CDT 2010

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Comment #1 on issue 83 by SubVersi... at fr-current Title missing

The "Réintégrer une branche" title is not present in the FR translation  
because it is part of the svnbook EN 1.6 version only. It was not in 1.5.

As the French translation is currently about the 1.5 book, the 1.6 updates  
are not being merged yet.

Once the 1.5 FR definitive version is ready and tagged, all changes from  
1.6 EN version will be carried over to the FR nightly version. In other  
words, the "Réintégrer une branche" title will indeed be added, at some  

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