Issue 88 in svnbook: Changlist behavior changed in 1.7.0

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New issue 88 by kca.alexander: Changlist behavior changed in 1.7.0

As per the svn-book at nightly, Subversion is expected to warn the user when a  
PATH is either removed or relocated (to another changelist). But as per the  
latest 1.7.0 at trunk no warning is issued, it simply says deleted like ..

[alexander at localhost /tmp/wc]$ svn cl --remove bar
D [fix1] bar

[alexander at localhost /tmp/wc]$ svn cl fix2 goo
D [fix1] goo
A [fix2] goo

At present Chapter 3. "Advanced Topics" ---> "Changelists" ---> "Creating  
and Modifying Changelists" reads

Fortunately, Harry catches his mistake. At this point, he has two options.  
He can remove the changelist association from button.c, and then assign a  
different changelist name:

$ svn changelist --remove button.c
Path 'button.c' is no longer a member of a changelist.
$ svn changelist ui-fix button.c
Path 'button.c' is now a member of changelist 'ui-fix'.

Or, he can skip the removal and just assign a new changelist name. In this  
case, Subversion will first warn Harry that button.c is being removed from  
the first changelist:

$ svn changelist ui-fix button.c
svn: warning: Removing 'button.c' from changelist 'math-fixes'.
Path 'button.c' is now a member of changelist 'ui-fix'.
$ svn status

--- Changelist 'ui-fix':

--- Changelist 'math-fixes':
M      integer.c
M      mathops.c

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