Issue 87 in svnbook: mention 'htdigest' tool when mentioning digest auth

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Tue Jul 13 08:21:52 CDT 2010

Status: New
Owner: sussman
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium

New issue 87 by suss... at mention 'htdigest' tool when mentioning  
digest auth

 From O'Reilly errata page, reported by a user:

The book states that changing from Basic to Digest authentication requires  
minor modifications. In fact, it looks like one needs just to change the  
authentication type (AuthType) and to add the authentication domain  
(AuthDigestDomain).  This is of course not the whole truth. One needs also  
to setup a new authentication file using *htdigest* instead of htpasswd.  
The authentication file generated by htpasswd will not work.

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