Issue 71 in svnbook: Description of permissions in authz incorrect for multiple matching lines

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New issue 71 by cammidge: Description of permissions in authz incorrect for  
multiple matching lines

In ch06-server-configuration.xml it stands written:

    paint-developers = frank, sally, jane

    jane = r
    @paint-developers = rw

    Another important fact is that the first matching rule is the one
    which gets applied to a user. In the prior example, even though
    Jane is a member of the paint-developers group (which has
    read/write access), the jane = r rule will be discovered and
    matched before the group rule, thus denying Jane write access. "

This does not match what is happening in the software.  The permissions
granted to a user are a combination of the permissions for matching lines.
  In this case, Jane will get read and read/write permissions, so ending up
with read/write permission.  Permissions are added by each line, and not
taken away.  All rules are considered if the user matches, irrespective of
their order.

I've attached a patch with an update to update the text above, if somebody
with appropriate powers could review it and apply it.

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