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Wolf Peuker wolfpeuker at
Mon Feb 15 01:51:28 CST 2010

Hi Jens,

Jens Seidel wrote:
> Looks good to me except: 
>> Index:
>> -      hreflang="es" lang="es" rel="alternate">espa??ol</a> |
>> +      hreflang="es" lang="es" rel="alternate">Espa??ol</a> |
> Why do you choose capitalisation? According to the footer of
> espaƱol is the proper Spanish word. Same for other entries ...
I think in English it's the same as in German. I asked a native
Portuguese speaker who speaks Spanish too, and he said. Capitalized if
you address the language. In Wikipedia I see Capitalization.

Best Regards,

ps. have you any idea why I don't see my last own posting(s)?

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