French translation

Svf subversif999 at
Tue Sep 29 10:39:18 CDT 2009

C. Michael Pilato wrote:
>> Now, we'd like to move this to Docbook format and make it available in
>> html and pdf, along with the other translations, from the subversion
>> book website, if that's possible.
>> Could there be a fr folder created in the google code repository ?
> Absolutely!
>> What are the requirements to get write permission to it ?
> Reply to this message with the GoogleCode usernames you'd like added as
> project members.  I or someone else should be able to take care of that.

For now, please add my own gmail username (SubVersif999) as project member.

I'm waiting for the other French guy to confirm which google account 
he's willing to use, and will let you know then.

>> A couple more questions :
>> - would anybody have a suggestion for a good docbook editor for Ubuntu
>> 9.04 (better than jedit) ?
> *Shrug*  Emacs works fine for me.  :-)  Are you familiar with the build
> processes that the other translations use?  Will that work out for your
> translation, too?

build system should be fine for fr translation. Still got some warnings 
with fop, but otherwise local html build looks good (just done Appendix 
A as a test).

>> - I could not find the source files for the pictures of figures used in
>> the book, except some (but not all) xcf files in the norwegian (nb)
>> folder. Are the master files stored in a specific location ?
> Unfortunately, we don't have the sources for the nice-looking images.  Those
> were done by O'Reilly and donated back as raster images only.  It be really
> cool if we could reconstruct that work in new SVG images, though.


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