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I'm Svf, I love Subversion, and since January I've been
taking part in the French translation of the Subversion book.

Indeed, I'm happy to report that one of the attempts to get a French
translation going has finally taken off ! Well, so far, it's been mostly
two people involved, we've translated all chapters and
appendices, based on r3305, except chapter 9. We've used the wiki area
of the website for this :
(framalang is the translation section of the famous ("in the French
speaking free software world" famous, I mean) free software directory

Now, we'd like to move this to Docbook format and make it available in
html and pdf, along with the other translations, from the subversion
book website, if that's possible.
Could there be a fr folder created in the google code repository ?
What are the requirements to get write permission to it ?

Short term goal would be to finish the 1.5 version (which will require
adding text formatting, translating pictures, and completing chapter 9).
Then, merge in all changes, and follow the releases path, starting with 1.6.

A couple more questions :
- would anybody have a suggestion for a good docbook editor for Ubuntu
9.04 (better than jedit) ?
- I could not find the source files for the pictures of figures used in
the book, except some (but not all) xcf files in the norwegian (nb)
folder. Are the master files stored in a specific location ?

Best regards,
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