Issue 27 in svnbook: 1.6 change: '--set-depth exclude' support

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Wed Nov 18 11:03:23 CST 2009

Comment #5 on issue 27 by pipping.elias: 1.6 change: '--set-depth exclude'  

Your workaround works, except that it has to be applied multiple times:

Assume the repository <repo> contains a file <f> as well as <d1/f> and  
<d2/f> and the
corresponding subdirectories.

   $ svn checkout --depth immediates <repo>

will fetch <f> as well as create the empty directores <d1> and <d2> now

   $ svn up --set-depth exclude <d1>

will remove <d1> leaving us with <f> and the empty <d2>.

   $ svn up --set-depth infinity *

will (aside from ignoring files or directories that begin with a dot) be  

   $ svn up --set-depth infinity <f> <d2>

where only the effect for <d2> matters, pulling in <d2/f>. Now the problem  
is that if
a file <d3/f> is added,

   $ svn up

will only fetch the empty directory <d3>. Thus,

   $ svn up --st-depth infinity *

would have to be called every time a new directory is added.

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