Issue 27 in svnbook: 1.6 change: '--set-depth exclude' support

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Tue Nov 17 20:44:21 CST 2009

Comment #3 on issue 27 by pipping.elias: 1.6 change: '--set-depth exclude'  

 From my understanding, it is not possible to do something like

   $ svn checkout --depth empty [..] <dir>
   $ cd <dir>
   $ svn up --set-depth exclude <nasty_dir>

rather, one first has to check something out before it can be excluded  
which means it
has to be downloaded at least once. It also looks like one can't set the  
without using `svn up` -- otherwise I suppose one could set the depth to  
first and set it to exclude for <nasty_dir> afterwards when actually  

You might want to make the above aspects very clear, assuming they reflect  
the truth,
since I perceived finding the above out as very frustrating.

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