Seventh column of "status" output

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Fri May 29 05:11:12 CDT 2009

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> I think I found another error in the docs, for svn status.
> "The out-of-date information appears in the seventh column"

In svn 1.6, the tree-conflict indicator was inserted at column 7 and the
out-of-date indicator moved to column 9. (I think the o-o-d indicator
was in column 8 in svn v1.5, not column 7, so that text was quite a long
way out of date.)

I am updating the book... Committed revision 3531. Thanks for reporting

> However the 1.6 release notes mention this:
> "The output of svn status contains the additional seventh column which
> informs whether the item is the victim of a tree conflict."

That is correct.

> But trying this gives me:
> M       *     1593   os\src\uart.cpp
> and the * is on column 9. So it seems that both the docs and the
> release notes somehow missed one or two columns.

The '*' is the out-of-date indication, which has moved. I suppose the
release notes should say this as well.

- Julian

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