Subversion backup

Tony Harverson tony.harverson at
Thu May 7 04:47:02 CDT 2009

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>From: Ryan Schmidt [mailto:subversion-2009b at] 
>I know, it's a problem.... Somehow Google loves showing the 
>1.1 book in its search results but not the later ones.
>Possible solutions the Subversion book people could consider employing:
>1. Install a robots.txt file instructing Google and other 
>indexers not to index old versions of the book, and/or:
>2. Add a box to the top of each page of the old versions of 
>the book advising the visitor that this documentation is for 
>historical interest only, with a link to the current version 
>of that page in the current book.

Or 3. add a <link rel="canonical" href="" /> to the top of any outdated page.


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