[PATCH] stylistic changes

Julian Foad julianfoad at btopenworld.com
Tue May 26 10:19:13 CDT 2009

Larry Shatzer, Jr. wrote:
> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 7:57 AM, Julian Foad <julianfoad at btopenworld.com> wrote:
> > Larry,
> >
> > Thanks for these improvements. As some are wide-ranging mechanical
> > replacements and others are substantive additions to the content, would
> > it be a great inconvenience to make at least two separate patches, one
> > of each kind? That would make me more comfortable, but if not it looks
> > like all this is good so we can apply it anyway.
> I'll look at trying to separate them, and try to focus just on one
> thing when going over the code in the future. It's just so hard to
> ignore things while looking at others. I guess that is my OCD. :)
> > Larry Shatzer, Jr. wrote:
> >> Here are some stylistic changes across a few files...
> >>
> >>     Adding an extra space after sentences
> >
> > This affects only the XML source and not the final output, as I expect
> > you know. I suppose consistency of the source is worth having, though I
> > think you missed sentences that end with "?" or "!" rather than ".".
> I swear I remember seeing something in HACKING that said to use two
> spaces for the people who use sentence aware editors to jump around.

Ah, I remember that, and I've found it... in the source code's
<www/hacking.html> file, talking about comments. No harm in
standardizing here too.

> Yeah, it looks like I forgot to check ? and ! as well. I can go in and
> add those as well.
> >>     Add options that were missing in reference
> >>     Make the ARGs in options section standard across rest of reference chapter.
> >>     Use full subcommand name (e.g. copy instead of cp, etc)
> >>     Add svnadmin pack stub in reference.
> >
> >> I added a comment in ch04-branching-and-merging.xml about
> >> --from-source in svn mergeinfo, since I can't find it in the output of
> >> svn help mergeinfo, nor anywhere else in the book.

That comment fails xmllint, so I removed it. I think the answer is that
the book is wrong to mention such an option.

> > The rest of these things (except "use full subcommand") sound like
> > improvements to the content of the book, rather than merely stylistic
> > changes. I'd prefer to see these in a separate patch (or patches) if
> > possible.
> I'll see what I can do to split the patches up, but since there is no
> easy way, since the changes are intertwined in the same files, it will
> be a manual process. It might take me a few days. I will, however,
> keep that in mind while creating other patches in the future.

If it's going to be a significant task, never mind, let's commit it and
move on. As I said, it all looks good. Don't want you going through it
all again.

Committed in r3524.

Want to do a correction for the "--from-source" option?

- Julian

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