[PATCH] stylistic changes

Julian Foad julianfoad at btopenworld.com
Tue May 26 08:57:24 CDT 2009


Thanks for these improvements. As some are wide-ranging mechanical
replacements and others are substantive additions to the content, would
it be a great inconvenience to make at least two separate patches, one
of each kind? That would make me more comfortable, but if not it looks
like all this is good so we can apply it anyway.

Larry Shatzer, Jr. wrote:
> Here are some stylistic changes across a few files...
>     Adding an extra space after sentences

This affects only the XML source and not the final output, as I expect
you know. I suppose consistency of the source is worth having, though I
think you missed sentences that end with "?" or "!" rather than ".".

>     Removing spaces around —
>     Adding (<option>-SHORTOPTION</option>) where appropriate.
>     Wrapping quotes in <quote/> tags.
>     Fixing command line examples to use " instead of ', per HACKING
>     Use short option for command line examples, per HACKING

Great - these things are all required.

>     Add options that were missing in reference
>     Make the ARGs in options section standard across rest of reference chapter.
>     Use full subcommand name (e.g. copy instead of cp, etc)
>     Add svnadmin pack stub in reference.

> I added a comment in ch04-branching-and-merging.xml about
> --from-source in svn mergeinfo, since I can't find it in the output of
> svn help mergeinfo, nor anywhere else in the book.

The rest of these things (except "use full subcommand") sound like
improvements to the content of the book, rather than merely stylistic
changes. I'd prefer to see these in a separate patch (or patches) if

> If needed I can update what changed above to specify exactly where
> each of these changes occur, but as some of them hit many sections
> (especially the reference chapter) it seems the log would be almost as
> big as the patch itself.

When making a simple change in many places, there's no need to list
them. But it would be appropriate to say where the one-off or
substantive changes are made ("Add options that were missing...", "Add
svnadmin pack stub...", "Add a comment about...").

- Julian

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