Write-through proxy - alternative setup

Dave Lawrence dlawrence at ad-holdings.co.uk
Sat May 30 04:32:38 CDT 2009


The book describes a scenario where there is one master which syncs
multiple slaves.

An alternative setup is that master sends sync to slave1, and slave1
sends sync to slave2.  Both slaves proxy to the master.

This alternative setup enabled me to work around some bandwidth issues
due to the peculiarities of our WAN.  Would you like me to put some
words together describing this setup?  You may consider that this setup
is a little too bespoke to document, on the other hand a prompt to the
reader that there is more than one way of setting up "distributed svn"
may encourage the user to consider what suits them rather than just
following the instructions verbatim.

Also, perhaps a mention of what can go wrong - specifically if the
connection drops during sync then the slaves get "stuck in the past"
with svn:sync-lock, and that this must be removed manually.  This manual
removal must be done using the URL that is used for syncing (not the
user's URL) and from an allowed IP address (ie from the server that's
hosting the master repo - unless an alternative admin allow-from is
specified aswell, eg localhost?)

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