more observations on ch. 2

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Tue Jun 16 05:30:31 CDT 2009

  might as well dump out all my thoughts while i'm here:

p. 15:  "Recommended Repo Layout"

For example:
$ svn list file:///var/svn/repos

  i'm pretty sure it's mentioned later that there is nothing magical
about those top-level three names, but it might not hurt to mention
that just briefly here as well, to avoid giving readers the wrong
impression that's going to stick with them for the next little while.
it's always harder to suddenly get readers to *unlearn* something
they've believed all that time.

p. 18:  seriously picky but, in the list of tasks in your typical work
cycle, under "Make changes", it might be worth adding the entry "Edit
files."  :-)  or did you mean those lists to only represent "svn"

p. 18:  "When working on a project with a team, you'll want to update
your working copy to receive any changes other developers on the
project have made since your last update."

  i might say, "have made and committed since your last update."
                          ^^^ ^^^^^^^^^

  i know it should be obvious, but it doesn't hurt to repeat yourself
just to be safe.

p. 18:  as a sidebar, what about mentioning how to *check* what the
difference is between your WC and HEAD?  (IIRC, "svn diff -r HEAD",
right?)  it's not critical, of course, but i remember distinctly
reading about update and my first question was, "how can i check if
there's anything *to* update?  can i query the repo to see what others
have checked in first?"

  again, not a big deal, just an observation.

more later.  coffee calls.


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