a thoroughly disruptive suggestion for the book

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Jun 11 13:12:44 CDT 2009

  i'm sure that this suggestion is going to get laughed off the
mailing list but, when i first started reading the book so many moons
ago, i was perpetually confused by the reference to, say:


i kept reading "repos" as the *plural* of "repo" when, clearly, it's
meant to refer to a *single* repository.  but because *everyone* i
know (including everyone on the svn ML) *always* abbreviates
repository as "repo", what about making that global change throughout
all of the URLs?

  i told you you wouldn't like it.  but, seriously, "repos" has the
potential for real confusion for beginners.  just my $0.02.


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