svn checkout of book needs updated README

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Thu Jun 11 09:03:09 CDT 2009

  src/en/README seems to insist on the following:

   Download the latest version of docbook-xsl, unpack it, then rename
   the unpacked directory to src/tools/xsl, something like this:

      $ cd src/tools
      $ tar zxvf docbook-xsl-X.YY.Z.tar.gz
      $ mv docbook-xsl-X.YY.Z xsl

   The default build process expects to the stylesheets to be in

however, tools/Makefile.base-vars will search for the stylesheets
( if they're not in that location, which it did in my
case.  so that should probably be reworded as, "do the following
unless the build process can already find the stylesheets since
they're installed", or something like that.


p.s.  the build worked on my fedora 11 system, when the package
docbook-style-xsl was already installed.

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