Issue 53 in svnbook: Bogus @-containing example URL

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Fri Jul 24 13:35:30 CDT 2009

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Owner: cmpilato
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New issue 53 by cmpilato: Bogus @-containing example URL

Please describe the problem you found.  Try to avoid referring to "page
numbers", as those are subject to change over time.  If you need to, quote
the book paragraph(s) that are incorrect, and recommend corrections.
Chapter 6 has a bit that reads:

    If you include a username in the URL (e.g.,
    svn+rsh://username@host/path), the client will ...

Vincent Lefevre <vincent {_AT_}> points out that the URL above
wouldn't be accepted anyway because of the @-sign.  It would need some
salvation from the peg syntax parser in the form of a trail '@' (as in

If we make that change, we'll want to explain briefly that we've added the
second @ because of the peg revision syntax rules, and of course xref over
to that section of the book.

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