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   Add a note (a warning, really, but not so harsh) about not presuming the
   existence of any revision properties.



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        related.  For an exhaustive list of Subversion's predefined
        properties, see <xref linkend="svn.ref.properties" />.</para>

+    <note>
+      <para>While Subversion automatically attaches properties
+        (<literal>svn:date</literal>, <literal>svn:author</literal>,
+        <literal>svn:log</literal>, and so on) to revisions, it does
+        <emphasis>not</emphasis> presume thereafter the existence of
+        those properties, and neither should you or the tools you use to
+        interact with your repository.  Revision properties can be
+        deleted programmatically or via the client (if allowed by the
+        repository hooks) without damaging Subversion's ability to
+        function.  So, when writing scripts which operate on your
+        Subversion repository data, do not make the mistake of
+        assuming that any particular revision property exists on a
+        revision.</para>
+    </note>
      <para>In this section, we will examine the utility—both to
        users of Subversion and to Subversion itself—of property
        support.  You'll learn about the property-related

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