Which version of the tools used in the original compilations?

Bruno Leonardo brunolmfg at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 21:46:06 CST 2009

Hi everybody!


In the Brazilian version, we had some problems with book compilations to
PDF. The document is generated successfully, but the blocks of code are
released by the appropriate page without page break. We're using docbook-xsl
1.74.0 and Apache XML Graphics FOP 0.95 (binary version and source of

I believe that some details could be given the configuration of versions
used. However, we can check the versions used by you, and thus solve our
problem. I didn't look on the list for this solution because I believe that
having an update description of the tools can solve the problem.

Best Regards,
Bruno Leonardo Gonçalves
Co-Leader of Brazilian Translation
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