Issue 54 in svnbook: merge example shows wrong revision

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New issue 54 by balazer: merge example shows wrong revision

In chapter 4, "Common Use-Cases for Merging", "Merging a Whole Branch to
Another", the second example "For example, suppose you decide to keep
working on your branch for another week, in order to complete an
enhancement to your original feature or bugfix":

The suggested merge command uses 406 as the starting revision for this
second merge.  Unless I'm crazy, I believe that revision 405 should be used
as the starting revision for the new merge.  In this particular example, it
make no difference, because we know that the difference between revisions
405 and 406 consist only of the changes from the first merge.  But in
general, when doing a 2nd merge like this, we want to capture all of the
changes made in the branch since the first merge. Since the merge command
is calculating the difference between two revisions, we want to use the
end-revision from the first merge as the start-revision of the second merge.

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