Project relocation update

Julian Foad julianfoad at
Wed Oct 22 11:36:31 CDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 10:12 -0400, C. Michael Pilato wrote:
> Okay, I heard mostly positive feedback from folks about relocating this
> project's assets to Google Code.
> One concern that was raised was regarding the ability to fully migrate the
> history of this mailing list to Google Groups.  Apparently, Groups doesn't
> support any mechanism for importing old mboxes or the likes, so we'd need to
> make a clean break.  Alternatively, we could continue to use this list for a
> while with a new Google Group shadowing the discussion.  Or we could use
> this list indefinitely.  For now I'm taking option #2, shadowing this list
> with a new Google Group.


> As far as the process of migrating accounts to Google Code, I think it will
> again be a manual process.
> The source code migration should be easy with svnsync.
> And that leaves the Trac migration.  We don't have that many open issues, so
> I'll probably just duplicate the open ones in the Google Code tracker.  And
> while I'm there, I'll look at porting any live Wiki pages over, too.

All OK.

> I'd like to make this cutover ASAP, beginning with the source code
> repository.  Anybody object?  There's such a low activity level here, I
> think it's fine for me to say right now:  "Change is coming.  I don't know
> when, but one day you're going to wake up and not be able to commit to the
> red-bean repository.  Deal with it."  :-)

Yep, that's fine with me.

- Julian

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