[SvnBook] #126: ch06: Document authz syntax improvements (was: ch06: Document $authenticated and $anonymous magic authz tokens.)

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Mon Oct 20 11:06:09 CDT 2008

#126: ch06: Document authz syntax improvements
  Reporter:  cmpilato     |       Owner:  sussman      
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new          
  Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  future       
 Component:  content      |     Version:  nightly/trunk
Resolution:               |    Keywords:               

Comment(by cmpilato):

 Also noticed:  the rule inversion syntax.  If my code cruising is
 accurate, the following are all valid:

    ~cmpilato = rw        # Everybody except 'cmpilato' gets 'rw'
    ~@group = rw          # Everybody except the 'group' group gets ...
    ~$authenticated = rw  # Everybody not authenticated gets ... (same as

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