Another project relocation update

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at
Wed Oct 22 14:51:09 CDT 2008


This is a status report for the migration of development and collaboration
artifacts from to

   source:  deferred until Google Code supports 1.5.  partial sync finished
            before I canceled it -- didn't want to let it get far enough to
            introduce svn:mergeinfo properties.  "Source" tab hidden at
            Google Code to avoid confusion.

   wiki:    nothing really to move; Trac made read-only for non-admins

   issues:  duplicated handful of open issues into Google Code tracker; Trac
            made read-only for non-admins.

   email:   svnbook-dev at list is being mirrored at
            read-only Google Group svnbook-dev at

Summary:  Continue committing against the repository, and
communicating on this list.  But do issue tracking and wiki work on the new
Google Code project.  (So, just like things are today, 'cept Google Code
instead of Trac.)

C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato at> |

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