[svnbook commit] r3136 - trunk/src/en/book

C. Michael Pilato cmpilato at red-bean.com
Mon Jun 16 08:04:25 CDT 2008

Ben Collins-Sussman wrote:
>>> +        <listitem>
>>> +          <para>Don't ever edit the <literal>svn:mergeinfo</literal>
>>> +            property directly; use <command>svn
>>> +            merge --record-only</command> to effect a desired change
>>                                                 ^^^^^ affect
> Nope, this is correct.  :-)  Google for this usage.  It's one of the
> very rare (but legal) uses of 'effect' as a verb, rather than a noun.

Yep, you're right.  I was aware of this quirk of the language, and even hit 
dictionary.com before commenting on your commit.  But then I read the text 
at dictionary.com wrong. (:-P

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