Some remarks on svnsync, its options and subcommands.

Lieven Govaerts svnlgo at
Mon Jun 30 16:04:14 CDT 2008

Sorry for being so late, but I finished the review of the svnsync 
section of the English version. Here are my remarks:


1. "--sync-password  PASS" should be "--sync-password  PASSWD" for 
consistency with the --source-password option.

2. svnsync also takes the "-q [--quiet] option", which is not documented 
in the book, at least not in the svnsync section.


3. Options: "--config-dir ARG" is not needed, it appears twice in the list.


4. The Synopsis should say "svnsync help" instead of "svnsync 
SUBCOMMAND". I do like the description :)

5. I don't know why you need the "Alternate Name" section here as you 
didn't add this on the "svnsync copy-revprops" page. The same goes for 


6. Name: Why not use the consistent terminology "source" and "mirror" 
repository here, instead of "destination" and "another" repository?

7. Options: the "--quiet (-q)" option is missing here.

8. In svn 1.5 we now have the possibility to sync only a part of a 
repository. I've added a description about it in
This "svnsync init" page is probably best suited to talk about it.


9. Options: the "--quiet (-q)" option is missing here.

That's it for svnsync.

There's also one issue still open for the book in our issue tracker:

Thanks for this 1.5 update of the book guys, you're the best! :)


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